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(1/3) 1 x Solar Panel alarm connector connects to any alarm system.

The connector is to prevent theft of solar panels and alert to solar panel fire.

The connector is waterproof and patented.

The size is 40mm x 42mm and fits onto the under part of the solar panel either by glue, riveting or bolting the connector to the solar panel frame

This is box 1 of 3 of a kit

Drill bit size 3.2mm


(2/3) 20 x Solar-Cop grommets used to interlink the solar panels alarm wire

Drill a hole on either side of the solar panel opposite to each other

Insert the Solar-Cop grommet and screw tight

Insert the wire through the grommet and pull through until the end

2 Grommets per panel needed except for first and last 1 grommet required

This is box No 2 of 3 in a kit

Drill size needed 8mm


(3/3) 10 x Solar Panel Alarm End Caps is used on the last panel to keep the alarm wire taught.

This is made from rubber and is drilled into the side of the solar panel.

The 2 core rip cord is held in place

UV and heat protected.

This is box No 3 of 3 in a kit

Size drill for hole 6mm

Solar-Cop Combination Kit ( 1/3, 2/3, 3/3)

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