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So installieren Sie Ihren Solar-Cop

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1. Nieten Sie den Solar-Cop-Stecker in die Mitte des Panels

2. Löcher für die Solar-Cop-Ösen bohren und an der Platte festschrauben

3. Bohren Sie ein Loch für die Solar-Cop-Endkappe

Führen Sie Ihre 2-adrige Reißleine von der Endkappenseite durch die Solar-Cop-Ösen. Verbinden Sie die beiden Drähte mit dem Solar-Cop-Anschluss. Setzen Sie die Solar-Cop-Endkappe auf den Draht und stecken Sie sie in das Loch. Stellen Sie sicher, dass der Draht fest sitzt Mit der Endkappe an die Alarmanlage anschließen







Unter dem Solarpanel
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Various Kit Options

a diagram of a solar panel

Solar-Cop offers a versatile range of products designed to meet your specific requirements, allowing for seamless interchangeability to suit your needs.

Firstly, you'll choose between the 1/3 Spring-loaded or Springless connectors. The distinction lies in their operation: one utilizes a spring release mechanism while the other is hard-wired. Opting for the hard-wired connector ensures no false alarms, whereas the spring-loaded variant may be prone to them. The choice is yours, with both options readily available.

Next, consider the grommets, comprising 2/3 of your selection. These are essential for routing wires through the solar panel frames. Option 2A/3 features rubber grommets ideal for larger holes, measuring 14x9, while 2B/3 serves the same purpose but for smaller holes, sized at 10x7. They prevent wire chafing and breakage, ensuring durability and reliability.

Completing your setup is the 3/3 Solar-Cop end cap. This component can be affixed directly to the panel or inserted into either 2A/3 or 2B/3 to secure the wire tautly. Its slightly elongated design allows for custom fitting by cutting and adding pieces to achieve the desired wire tension.

For installation, kits are tailored to your approach:

  • If drilling into your panel's frame is permissible, opt for 1/3 Spring-loaded or Springless connectors along with 2/3 grommets, followed by 3/3 end caps.

  • Alternatively, for installations where drilling voids warranty, choose 1/3 Spring-loaded or Springless connectors paired with either 2A/3 or 2B/3 grommets, and complete the setup with 3/3 end caps.

Remember, all configurations require the use of our outdoor 2-core ripcord, specifically designed for outdoor applications, ensuring longevity and performance in various weather conditions.

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