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Distributors / Re-Sellers

"Welcome to Solar-Cop, the ultimate solution for integrating solar panels with your existing alarm system! As a distributor or re-seller, partnering with us means gaining access to top-of-the-line Solar Panel Alarm Connectors at exclusive discounted rates, allowing you to maximize your profitability while providing cutting-edge security solutions to your clients. Our innovative product seamlessly connects solar panels to alarm systems, ensuring enhanced protection and peace of mind for homeowners and businesses alike. Join our network of distributors and re-sellers today to offer your customers unparalleled security and sustainability, all at unbeatable prices."

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Why Become a Distributor / Re-Seller ?

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The Choice Is Simple

"In conclusion, Solar-Cop offers distributors and re-sellers a unique opportunity to provide their clients with unparalleled security, sustainability, and ease of installation. With its exclusive patent-pending design in South Africa (application number 2023/08752), Solar-Cop stands as the premier solution for seamlessly integrating solar panels with existing alarm systems. By partnering with us, distributors and re-sellers gain access to discounted rates for a product that not only enhances security but also promotes eco-conscious living. With Solar-Cop, clients can enjoy unmatched peace of mind knowing that their solar investment is protected, while installers can appreciate its straightforward installation process. Don't miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize the industry and maximize your profits. Partner with Solar-Cop today and unlock a brighter, safer future for your clients."

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